Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guest Post

If you follow my personal Twitter you will know I have had more than my fair share of bad luck recently so dating has not been on the top of my to do list, However when one of my gorgeous pals shared her dating story with me I just knew I had to get her to write it up for you all. So without further delay, here is my first ever guest post.

The Guy – We met through a friend on a night out in town and seemed to get on alright, I had to help him sneak two drinks outside in his pocket. We spoke online a few times and had some banter. He goes to my University so we have quite a few mutual friends.

The Date – We met in town for a few drinks. It started with a pint and then a glass of wine,then we ended up in a few other bars and I somehow seemed to get more drunk by the minute ( no idea how) We finally ended up in a nightclub where he declared i’d lost my £100 coat and I tried to claim I never had one. When he finally found it for me I told him to come back to mine s I could show him the view of the sea. (From here onwards I don’t remember a thing).
Apparently I showed him around the house and then...
WAIT for it...
stripped down to my underwear. Where I apparently continued to talk utter rubbish.
Then I fell asleep and he went home.
I woke up in the morning wondering how on earth I got home.

The Result – I saw him at Uni where he enlightened me about my antics. I nearly died inside. He still seems to want to hang out and claimed he had an amazing night. So my crazy self must of made some kind of impression. I don’t think the emotional scars will ever heal from that night but hey let’s make some more to cover them up.

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