Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Date #4 - The Old Friend

The more I think about this so called "date" the more I realise it probably wasn't.

The Guy - We met on Faceparty 6 years a go and spoke every day for around a year or two. Fast forward 6 years and I get a message on my current dating site from the very same guy. After a brief reminisce I found out he now works in my town and we decided we simply had to meet up. He then vanished in to thin air and made no contact for about a month. On reappearing he was very apologetic but gave no explanation. We arranged to meet.

The Date - He picked me up from near my house and we went to a Coffee shop just down the road. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got in the car and realised he actually looked like his pictures. Stocky and well built with just enough stubble. However it was on getting out the car I realised I had fallen in to the same lethal trap. He was short. Very short. Still we proceeded in to the coffee shop. The women took his order and asked if he would like anything else, This is where I expected him to ask what I wanted, Instead he said no thank you and handed over his money. Was I expecting too much for the man to pay? Or to even offer? We walked over to some seats. One seat a padded sofa chair, the other a metal stool. Like the true gentleman he was showing himself to be I got the metal stool.
It quickly became even more obvious to me that for him, this was anything but a date, as he spent the next hour discussing his ex, and his love for his ex, and his hate for his ex, his faults with his ex, the pros and cons of the relationship and...well... then I think I slipped in to some sort of coma because I truly don't remember a lot else. The last half an hour we discussed cars and I actually managed to interrupt a couple of times and get a few words in. Non of which he probably listened to. The best part of the entire thing was the journey home where he seemed to transform in to a different person and we had a laugh and a joke. He dropped me off in the same place he picked me up and rounded things off with a hug. His parting comment of "See you soon...well...ya know....when I'm not doing stuff" filled me with certainty that this would be another first and last date.

The Result - I think I've said enough.

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  1. He sounds like a right prat! Dont see him again!!!