Monday, 29 August 2011

Date #1 - Mr Too Good To Be True

Tonight's date could not have been a better first date to blog about. Sadly it didn't make for the greatest foundations of a budding romance.

The Guy - We met online, as most people do these days. At the time I was already quite interested in another prospective male but decided to keep my options open and thought it couldn't hurt to get to know someone else. The more I talked the more I liked what I heard. He almost seemed too good to be true. Despite the not so picturesque face, the wash board abs more than made up for it. He was kind, sensitive, funny, attentive and on top of that doesn't drink or smoke. What could possibly be wrong with him?

The Date - We decided to watch a film at his house. A bit risky, but we had been talking for so long it felt like we had known each other years, and I almost forgot he was a complete stranger. He picked me up at 6.25, 25minutes late due to a nail polish disaster (mine, not his) and we drove to his house. After a quick flick through the TV channels we settled on Friends and set about getting to know each other. Half an hour later and I had discovered he was previously engaged for 3 years, has dabbled in most drugs and thinks rather a lot of himself (it was all coming out now)
When his phone started ringing he apologised profusely before darting to answer it. It turns out his Auntie had had a stroke and was rushed in to hospital. More apologising and a few tearful pauses later I was in the car and on my way back home. After a quick kiss I was back in my house, after less than an hour. And that was it. Date over.

The Result - He is definitely more attractive in person and so easy to talk to. The drug fuelled past does put me off slightly but he has assured me it was many many years a go.
There will be a second date, but not for a while as he is working on lates. All good things come to those who wait though, Right?

Friday, 26 August 2011


I thought being a single gal was going to be difficult. In a sea of loved up couples and liberated singles I felt stuck in my own Bridget Jones style bubble (vodka and ice cream at the ready)
When a close friend suggested Internet dating I really thought I had hit rock bottom. However it seems every man and his dog are seeking approval from a member of the opposite sex through their computer screen. Including people much younger than I.
So nearly one year on, and more disastrous dates than I care to remember, I have decided to document and share them with the singletons and the coupled of the world wide web.
Welcome to "Oh my Dates" and enjoy