Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sad News :o(

Hey guys, Long time no see.

I have some very bad news for all fans of Oh My Dates. I have gone and found myself a boyfriend. It took over 3 years, what felt like a million failed dates and far too many nights alone crying in to my pillow eating icecream but I did it.
We have been together two months now and we are still sickeningly loved up and annoying everyone on Facebook with our pictures (I told you I'd get you back evil smug friends)
I met him online but it was a date unlike any other. He picked me up at my house and before we had even got back to his flat I knew we were going to be together. We talked and laughed the whole car journey and it felt like we had known each other forever.
On top of that, It turns out my best friend is in a relationship with his step brother, so it was pretty much fate to be honest.
(Did I mention his mum does Avon and gives me freebies?!?!)

So there we have it. Oh My Dates is finally over. Even though I haven't posted in forever I am actually kind of sad. I think writing about my disasterous dates helped me see the funny side rather than the fact that my town is full of weirdos.

So farewell friends, and hopefully this blog won't be back any time soon.