Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sad News :o(

Hey guys, Long time no see.

I have some very bad news for all fans of Oh My Dates. I have gone and found myself a boyfriend. It took over 3 years, what felt like a million failed dates and far too many nights alone crying in to my pillow eating icecream but I did it.
We have been together two months now and we are still sickeningly loved up and annoying everyone on Facebook with our pictures (I told you I'd get you back evil smug friends)
I met him online but it was a date unlike any other. He picked me up at my house and before we had even got back to his flat I knew we were going to be together. We talked and laughed the whole car journey and it felt like we had known each other forever.
On top of that, It turns out my best friend is in a relationship with his step brother, so it was pretty much fate to be honest.
(Did I mention his mum does Avon and gives me freebies?!?!)

So there we have it. Oh My Dates is finally over. Even though I haven't posted in forever I am actually kind of sad. I think writing about my disasterous dates helped me see the funny side rather than the fact that my town is full of weirdos.

So farewell friends, and hopefully this blog won't be back any time soon.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guest Post

If you follow my personal Twitter you will know I have had more than my fair share of bad luck recently so dating has not been on the top of my to do list, However when one of my gorgeous pals shared her dating story with me I just knew I had to get her to write it up for you all. So without further delay, here is my first ever guest post.

The Guy – We met through a friend on a night out in town and seemed to get on alright, I had to help him sneak two drinks outside in his pocket. We spoke online a few times and had some banter. He goes to my University so we have quite a few mutual friends.

The Date – We met in town for a few drinks. It started with a pint and then a glass of wine,then we ended up in a few other bars and I somehow seemed to get more drunk by the minute ( no idea how) We finally ended up in a nightclub where he declared i’d lost my £100 coat and I tried to claim I never had one. When he finally found it for me I told him to come back to mine s I could show him the view of the sea. (From here onwards I don’t remember a thing).
Apparently I showed him around the house and then...
WAIT for it...
stripped down to my underwear. Where I apparently continued to talk utter rubbish.
Then I fell asleep and he went home.
I woke up in the morning wondering how on earth I got home.

The Result – I saw him at Uni where he enlightened me about my antics. I nearly died inside. He still seems to want to hang out and claimed he had an amazing night. So my crazy self must of made some kind of impression. I don’t think the emotional scars will ever heal from that night but hey let’s make some more to cover them up.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

I'm back!!!

I'm back and oh boy am I back with a good one.
Thursday night was my first date in a while and part of me wishes I hadn't bothered.

The Guy - We met online, same old story. I wasn't attracted to him but something about his message intrigued me in to replying. The more we talked the more we got on and although I still wasn't sure I was attracted to him there was definitely an intellectual connection as well as a matched sense of humour.

The Date - After cancelling on him twice I decided to accept an invite over to his for pizza. A nice simple relaxing night with a friend to get to know him a little more. That is what I was telling myself anyway.
He picked me up in his Christmas present, a rented BMW with heated leather seats. He let me choose dinner, and what we watched on TV. Everything was going perfectly. We talked for ages about everything but it soon came to my attention he was laughing at everything I said. I could of said I had work the next day, he would laugh. I don't like yellow, he would laugh. And once I had realised he was doing it, it just began to annoy me. Then he did what no man should do if they have received no hints what so ever, He asked for a kiss. I politely declined. So he grabbed my head, forced it to face him and planted a hairy, sloppy, vile kiss on me. I wanted to cry. He then asked if he could put his arm around me, once again I declined, once again I was forced. This carried on for a while before I decided enough was enough. I developed a severe pain in my hip and suddenly became uncontrollably tired. I got back in the penis extension... I mean car, and went home. Of course I wasn't allowed out the car without two more forced kisses (I actually screwed my face up, talk about not taking a hint) I have never been so grateful to see my front door.

The Result - No, No, No, No, No. I am still so upset even thinking about the forcefulness he used on me I didn't think about it at the time, but what if he had wanted more? When did no stop meaning no? He really was convinced I wanted to kiss him and my refusal was some kind of cute game. Any sort of connection we may of had, as friends or otherwise, was totally ruined by the fact he was actually a bit of a creep.