Sunday, 6 November 2011

Date #6 - The Friend.

After what feels like forever without a date I was beginning to wonder whether it was time to say goodbye to my fabulous readers at "Oh My Dates" after all, without dates, the blog is rather redundant. However an old friend of mine invited me round to watch a film and since there was some minor history between us I decided it constituted being included on the blog.

The Guy - I met this particular guy through a couple of mutual friends on a night out over a year a go. He was eager to tell me he had a girlfriend and at 3 years my junior I can't say I was bothered. That was until the end of the night when we found ourselves kissing and sharing a sofa together. Since then we have kissed several times, he has broken up with his girlfriend, got back with her and broken up again and he has also moved to Australia and back. 

The Date - Now well and truly single, I received a text inviting me over for a movie. After a lonely, boring, empty week I was in no position to say no and within an hour he had driven to my house and we were on our way to his house. We settled down on two separate sofas and watched a film. Throughout the film there were flirty digs about each others appearance and a few cushions thrown. When he went out to get a drink I jumped in to his seat (after all, he did have the bigger sofa) he came back and didn't think twice about cuddling up on the sofa to me, however when he turned over and kissed me my response probably wasn't what he was expecting. I said "Yuck" and wiped my mouth on my sleeve. Oops. I was in such a playful mood I wasn't really thinking. Needless to say he didn't try that again. After the film we watched some tv then it was time for him to drive me home. Once on my drive, we said our goodbyes, had a little hug and a goodnight kiss... and another goodnight kiss. Then that was it. The end of another night.

The Result - As always, I will see this guy again but we will never be anything more than "friends with benefits". I could never trust him and he is probably a bit too immature for me. However he is very attractive and a good friend.

I don't normally ask you questions but what do you think of this one? Should we just stay friends and not keep pushing it further? Are we messing with each others feelings? Do you have a friend that you are like this with? Let me know.