Friday, 9 September 2011

Date #3 - Mr Quietly Confident

The Guy - We met online within his first week of Internet dating. We ended up speaking all night and exchanging numbers very early on. He was friendly, smart and ambitious. Within days he was telling people about me and how great I seemed. He was obviously confident we were going to get on like a house on fire.

The Date - We met in the town centre outside a popular Weatherspoons (he was late) When he first walked up to me it was apparent we may have a small problem. Small being the main word here. Not only was he rather short but he was so skinny it was almost impossible to believe this was the same guy who had declared himself a chocoholic on his profile. It was then that I realised he was supposed to be 27 and it looked more like I had taken my baby brother out for lunch.
His first words "I'm nervous" put me totally as ease.
After sitting and playing with his drink for what felt like hours I suggested grabbing some food (since that's what we were originally there for)
We sat in silence waiting for our meals to arrive. I played with the menu, I played with the Christmas menu, I studied the ceiling in great depth, I even checked the dating site app on my phone. I had already talked about his family, his work, his house, his driving, his tattoo, his jewellery, his friends, marriage, babies, piercings, food, alcohol, murderers, the wall art, the carpet, and just about any other subject I could think of but this guy was not giving me anything in return. You could tell he is the shy and quiet type but unfortunately that just isn't me at all.
After the meal I played with the remainder of my sauce and the salt until I accidentally flung one at a passer by. I yawned.... twice and he suggested it was time to go. I didn't mean to but I simply flew out of my seat and floated on down the street. There was a hint for a kiss, I compromised with a hug.

The Result - Lovely sweet guy, who clearly has "our" future secretly planned out in his head but definitely not the one for me. I need a man, not a boy.

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