Sunday, 18 September 2011

Date #5 - Mr Flash

Slightly unusual date set up. I was out with a friend, he was out with a friend, so it seemed appropriate that we meet.

The Guy - Same site, different day and a rather impressive profile. It didn't take long to impress me. Owner of his own security company and not afraid to brag about his income, his pictures displayed him as a confident, handsome suit wearer. Smart and rich? Couldn't be bad.

The Date - Me and my friend were sure to arrive first and were soon greeted at our table by Mr Flash and his friend. After no introduction what so ever Mr Flash settled in to conversation with me and ignored both friends at the table. His pictures were incredibly generous. He was not a handsome suit wearer. His face was scarred and he was wearing scruffy baggy jeans and an old white tshirt that had certainly seen better days (And I suspect, better dates) He was quick to buy us drinks, then vanish outside with some other people. He would then come back, buy some more drinks and go out for a cigarette, then come back, buy some more drinks and go off to talk to some other people. This guy was definitely letting the money do the talking. As the night went on Me, My friend and his friend got talking more and more and it was apparent that he did this a lot. There really isn't a lot more to say about the night. Me and my friend left, without saying goodbye, and his mate quickly ran to catch up with us and took us home. In the car he gave me his number and I gave him mine. Before I had got in to bed he had text me asking me to come back over. I politely declined.

The Result - He still talks non stop about money and I now realise he gets his girls by buying them and that just isn't me at all. Thanks but no thanks.

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